Workflow sections - how we can remove them?

For context we do want to integrate workflow into our process but we currently used rules and customer fields to order our boards e.g. Triage status (taken from the status field) is a section on our board in list view. Whilst I’ve been exploring workflow it has generate a number of untitled sections under each of these already existing and label sections and we can’t seem to remove them. Is there a way to ‘switch off workflow’ until we’re ready to embed into an already established process?

Hi @Jasmine_Dudgon

Every new project has an Untitled Section. You can see this in the Board view when you first stand up the project. Typically I rename that Untitled as my first section. Not at all sure why it shows up only under Board view or why programmatically it needs to be there in the first place. Also, no way to shut off workflow.

Suggestion: when instantiating a new project, first either rename or remove the Untitled section, then continue.

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Hi @Getz_Pro, thanks for coming back to me!

That all makes sense but previously we were able to organise the list view using custom fields as sections and now underneath them, all sits the untitled section but it didn’t before e.g. in this screenshot is the section pulled through from a custom field and then straight to the tasks compared to my screenshot in the original query you can see Triage, Untitled section, tasks. This might just be a minor issue that just occurs due to the unique way we have built in the processes in Asana as it is only visible in list view.

Screenshot 2022-04-06 at 10.24.49

HI @Jasmine_Dudgon
I have noticed something similar occurring with projects that I built off templates that proceeded the ability to easily swap between lists and boards.
Projects that are Lists that Have tasks that don’t exist in a section.


Remove or Rename the Untitled section within the template and it will not propagate through.

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