Will deleting a user remove their projects?


I just offboarded an employee but she actually has important projects in our Asana account. I read in past posts that someone had an issue where they deleted a user and lost their projects – is this still the case? If so, what would be an alternative, as I don’t want this offboarded employee to have access to the account anymore for obvious reasons.

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When you de-commision a user, it would give you an option to start a new project with all their current workload or assign all their work to a different assignee.


@Peri-GenD Incomplete Tasks are easy to find and save, but what about Projects? Whether a Project is archived or not, or has Incomplete Tasks or not, many orgs will want to save that complete record regardless of whether the original owner leaves the company. Is that possible? If so, what are the steps?

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I’m not 100% sure, but regardless, you can prevent any concerns by following the approach I suggest here:




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