Why is the space to click into a subtask's details limited to the comment bubble?

Basically the title… but why cant we click the subtask item anywhere outside the text box, and instead have to click the comment button?

Parent tasks can be clicked in any of the blank space… why not subtasks?

I find it unintuitive and less curious users may accidentally assume the subtask can’t be clicked into.

Good suggestion, @FenwayJohnny. I voted above. Don’t forget to vote yourself as well.

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Hi @FenwayJohnny ,

It’s true that’s a bit annoying , the fact that we need to click the subtasks on the right end bubble in order to open and view. On the other hand I think it’s not the issue (in comparison to others) and still can get used to it.

However, I like the idea… so you have my vote :+1:


Yea Im not claiming it to be a top priority thing. And I too can (and have) learned it. But I don’t think that should be the qualifier for posting in here. Even small improvements over time add up to a lot.

From my perspective, I am just tasked with getting a group of somewhat non-native tech users to adopt Asana as our work management hub, so am always looking for places where it isn’t exactly intuitive off the rip.

I want to make frequent use of subtasks, and felt it was worth bringing up as I am going to undoubtedly be asked how to view the subtask details due to it.

Either way, it’s a good improvement to make on a QOL sprint when there’s room for it.

Thanks for your vote! :grin: