Why doesn't the tag change the color of the task?

Hello! I have a question.

Sometimes the tag changes the color of the task, sometimes it doesn’t, and I can’t figure out what it depends on. I want all the tasks that have the status “urgent” to be marked with a red tag, and everywhere these tasks were red. But for some reason, sometimes the red tag changes the color of the task to red, and sometimes it does not change at all, the color of the tag begins to appear as a red square on the right in the task.

Can you tell me how this system works?

Hello @Gregory2 ans welcome to the Asana Community :wave:

Are you using one tag per task or some tasks have more tags?
Do you use custom fields as well that have colored options in the drop down?

If you are okay with it it would also be great if you can share screenshots (blur private details!)
so we can see exactly what is happening.



I am interested in both situations

  1. The first situation is when I have only one color tag. And it turns out that sometimes it changes the color of the task (the color of the project inside which the task is located), and sometimes the tag does not change the color of the task.

  2. The second situation is when I have several color tags, which tag is given priority in this case?

  3. In general, I want to learn the most about the color coding of tasks in Astana. But this is a separate issue. For example, I have two colored rods and two custom colored fields, in what color will the task be painted? How does the priority system work?

There are 3 tasks in the screenshot. All tasks are located within the same project. The color of the project is blue. I have attached a color tag to each task - red, pink, green. Pink and green tags repainted the task, but red did not repaint, why?


Okay I see.

I recommend also reading this post: Tasks showing tag colour instead of project colour in team calendar - #13 by Alexis

And I highly recommend reading this post by Bastien: 🎨 If Van Gogh used Asana: a study about colors on Asana

Thank you for your answer! :slightly_smiling_face:

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