Tasks showing tag colour instead of project colour in team calendar

I am having the exact same issue. On my team colour certain tasks are showing as the project colour with a small square denoting their tag (preferred), others are showing as the tag colour with a small square denoting the project. Is there a way to make it all consistent?

Thank you so much!!!


I am having the same problem - which is frustrating because it seems to be a common complaint with no real workaround. My current solution to this is toggling the project highlight on and off in the calendar view to see my tag colours better, which is less than ideal! Come on, Asana! Help a brother out here.

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Hi folks! I’ve followed up with our product team to see if there’s more information we can share with you. Stay tuned!


We have this question as well. I’d like to be able to choose to a custom field to drive the color of tasks in a project’s calendar view. In our case, we are running a content calendar and would like to see tasks color-coded by their channel (ie, social, blog, email, etc).
Currently Asana seems to use one of the custom fields so we’re close! However, re-ordering the fields does not change which field drives color shown on the calendar so we are stuck with the default field.


We are having the same issue. Ideally, the tasks should always show as the project color and the tag colors should always show as little boxes, even if the project has no color. Otherwise, if you have a blue project, and a task with a blue tag in a project with no color, it looks like that task belongs to the blue project.

Hi folks,
After speaking with a few people on my team I’ve learned that the color you’re seeing is actually correlated to the first addition to your task. So, if the tag was created first, then you’ll see the tag color; whereas if the project was created first, then you’d see the project color. This is something we know is not ideal, so we have a PM exploring possible updates. I’ll keep you posted on what happens next and I encourage you to visit the monthly release notes in the Announcements category for ongoing updates.
Thanks everyone!


I’d love to throw our teams’ weighty behind this critical feature request. We absolutely require the ability to control event color in Calendar view, and like many others, expect the Project color to be primary. For us, custom metadata fields are useful, but secondary. Only our power users would be able to comprehend metadata colorization as primary, we need a default setting that “makes sense” at first glance, to casual users.


Having the same concerns with the task color not being associated with the project color and rather a custom field. Are there any updates to this issue? Really doesn’t create a good visual experience when there are so many different colors in calendar view.

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Are there any news? I’m having the exact same issue and can’t seem to find a solution.


+1 for this. A very crucial thread

Big Big Big plus one for us too!

Hello. Plus one here. Is there news about this ? Thank you.

Is there a solution to this yet? I created my cards first @Alexis so technically speaking the cards should be displaying the project default colour, not the tagged colour. The only way Calendar view works even more for me is to remove all the tags I’m associated with so I can understand which project each card is associated with.

Any news?

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Am definitely jumping on the bandwagon on this one. Project default colour in calendar view would be super helpful. Thanks in advance.

Are there any updates on this issue? Like many in the thread, I’d like to prioritize my project colour in my calendar view. Unfortunately, he colour-coding becomes a useless feature if it’s not consistent. Any insight from your team would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

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Today I found out some solution:

  1. Remove color from project
    (set color to the white/grey default color in all involved projects)

  2. Mark the Tasks with one colored Tag (tab+t) - and… :tada:

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I have multiple tags per task, but I’d still like the task to show up on my task calendar as the Project Color.

I’d still love the ability to choose colors in the calendar view more easily!

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I did the color study again and found some interesting conclusions. Would love to have someone else do the same thing to confirm (or not) my findings 🎨 If Van Gogh used Asana: a study about colors on Asana

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Is there a fix for this yet? I can’t really keep track of my tasks without this feature fixed.

I would not be so sure this is a bug, why are you? :thinking: