Why can't I add more than one Team?

I am trying to add more than one Team to the Basic version of Asana. I’ve been watching Asana help videos and Youtuber videos, where I see the function to add Team in the left-hand dark navigation section. My Asana is blank there. I’ve spent hours trying to figure this out and want to add more members tomorrow but am holding off because I can’t configure Asana the way I am seeing others do it. I want to add Marketing, Film production, Executive Group, etc. and then invite guests (they are all outside collaboraters).

Hi @Ed_Kaiser and welcome to the forum!

Most likely this means you are in a Workspace, not an Organization.

From the “Asana Tip” on this documentation page:

If you do not see teams in the sidebar, that means you are in a Workspace. Learn how to create an Organization in this article.


Thank you Phil!

Yes, I started Asana as a Workspace. This is the issue I am facing.

I appreciate the thoughtful and quick reply with links.


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