How to start a project

HI! This seems remedial to me, however when I searched that phrase nothing comes up. I have used the basic version of Asana for a couple of years with another company. Now I have started a new one, I will have a number of projects/clients and would like to start a project for each client. But the system doesn’t seem to have an intuitive function to add a team/project. Is it hidden somewhere or do you have to upgrade?


HI @Jessica_Kill using the free account you definitely create teams and projects.

From the first page that loads in Asana at the top right you should see a Red Plus sign and you can create tasks and Projects.

Since it is a while since you used Asana, suggest you do a quick referesh via the training site;

It has some very good training course.



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HI @Jessica_Kill and welcome :wave:t3:

To add to @Jason_Woods answer’s, if you an’t see the option to create a team, it is most likely because yo’ure using a Workspace instead of an Organisation. You can learn of differences between a Workspace and an Organisation in the following article from our help guide:

Thank you Jason. I will review the Academy link now.

The + in the top right corner only has tasks and conversations as options. It seems this is due to being a workspace rather than an organization. I wasn’t given that option when I started the account. In reviewing how to make the switch apparently I need to add another email - which may be to make one personal and one work based. So I did that - which prompted the system to merge my two accounts - which I didn’t really want but ok - and then it crashed. So will see what else I can do… Thank you for your help!