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Help request. I’m currently evaluating asana - so far I’ve been impressed. I have simple question… How do you create a new project? All of the online tutorials say you click on the ‘+’ sign then click on ‘Project’. For me, I don’t have ‘Project’ as an option, I only have Task, Conversation, Team and Invite. Perhaps the ‘Project’ option is not available because I’ve only got an evaluation copy or I’m not linked to any team members at the moment. Welcome you advice, thanks.

Can't add projects

Hi @Craig_Andrews

Welcome to the Asana Community! That does sound very odd. Could you please share a screenshot to confirm what your options look like? Mine look like this:




Hi @Mark_Hudson, please find screenshot below. Thanks for your support.



I assume that must be a bug. I remember when I tried out the free version of Asana, the first thing I did was create a project, so that option should be there.

If you’re using Internet Explorer, I’d advise trying it in Chrome. Otherwise, I’d get in touch with Asana Support. They should be able to have a look for you:

Hope you get it sorted out.


Thanks for feedback @Mark_Hudson


Hi @Craig_Andrews! Just out of curiosity, are you a member of any Team in your Organization? If you haven’t joined a Team yet, I would recommend trying to join ( or create one (, this will most likely solve your problem!


Hi @Marie, I have not joined or created a team yet, I’m evaluating the software as a sole user at the moment. You think this might be the issue? Kind regards, Craig


Yes, @Craig_Andrews! When creating a project you have to select a Team in which your project will live in (our system won’t let you create your project unless you actually select a Team - see screenshot below) so I’m confident that you won’t see this option until you either join or create a team. I would recommend you to create a test team ( while you are evaluating Asana; and no worries, you don’t necessarily need to add people to your team, you can be a solo member! :slight_smile:

Can't add projects

This is tremendously helpful to know.


Hi - I was added to a workspace but I cannot add new projects… only tasks.


Sounds like you’re having the same issue described on this thread “Creating a new project” so if you don’t mind, I’m just going to move your post to this thread. I’d recommend checking out this reply in particular. Let le know if that helps!