Why Asana have different rich texts and documents features instead of consistance proper text editor

Using Asana since they debut and love it. Still, Asana not improving fast enough and one of the main areas to improve is the variety of inconsistent text editors in the application.

Most annoyingly is that Asana does have a proper documents text editor but they kept it for the project overview > product brief (only!) where you can use it to create only one(!) doc, why not let me create more?
why not give the same superb text editor experience in the project updates as well? and why not in the task description field??

The missing features from all the other text editors (in product update, messages, task description) are:

  1. Markdown titles etc
  2. Conver text to task
  3. Dragging tasks into the text
  4. Adding images/codes etc.

Hi @Shneor1, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave: Thanks for providing this feedback!

As mentioned by Marie on the Markdown announcement post, we have a lot more exciting updates on the way, including headers, inline code, multi-line code, quote blocks and more… but these require a little more work on our end. We’ll let you know when these are coming your way.

Regarding your other pieces of feedback, please open a separate thread for each request in the #productfeedback category so that other members of the Forum can upvote the feature they would like to see :slight_smile: