Introducing markdown shortcuts in Asana



I got excited when I read there is an update on markdown in Asana and immediately got disappointed, for the same reasons as already mentioned by others.

Please bring the code formatting to Asana. At least the triple quote would already help a lot.

Nonetheless first baby steps in the right direction.


While I would really like to give Asana Dev a big ‘attaboy’ for giving the Markdown request some attention, I have to echo what others have already stated - this appears to be duct tape instead of a real Markdown implementation AND what was introduced just mimics what the existing Asana rich text editor already does. Maybe that’s how the development needs to proceed, but I would encourage Asana Dev to consider JUST IMPLEMENTING REAL MARKDOWN.

If there are reasons that can’t/shouldn’t be done, it would be nice to know what those reasons are. Our team will certainly make use of whatever Markdown is available, but…

PS. If Asana Dev is interested in seeing how well an app/service can implement Markdown, you can take a look at Notion ( One of the best embedded implementations I’ve come across. On the fly rendering of Markdown tags.


Same here – initially excited to see that markdown was finally coming, but since what I really wanted was the ability to format blocks of code using tripe backtick this unfortunately didn’t vibe with me or my team


Same, can’t wait for headings, in particular. A must-have for content edition. My current workaround is to bold + underline “titles”.


Hi folks and as always thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us!

We have a lot more exciting updates on the way, including headers, inline code, multi-line code, quote blocks and more… but these require a little more work on our end and should launch within the next couple of months! In the meantime, don’t hesitate to continue sharing your feedback in Feature request: Markdown to help us plan for future updates! i’ll be in touch here as soon as I have some news!


I am so used to a single * or _ being for italic and two ** or __ being for bold (not * or ** for bold and _ or __ for italic) so this is going to mess me up. Maybe it’s just me?

Thanks for that information Marie, good to know that the additional markdown features are in the pipeline.

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This is great, any way to have this work during CSV import?

@Dave_Main, I’d recommend upvoting this thread created by @Jerod_Hillard Markdown support for CSV imports!

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I am copying and pasting markdown text from our test platform into Asana. The formatting is not being applied to the pasted text, instead I see the markdown code.

i.e. **user** instead of user.

How do I get Asana to display the formatting without having to type the text in manually?


Hi @Claire_Coupland and welcome to the forum!

@Marie has clarified to us that at present markdown only works for text that’s manually typed in; it’s not applied to text that’s pasted in:


We really need multi-line markdowns for sending code blocks and such into our Asana. What’s really ironic is that I can do that through the forum using the </> icon, but NOT from the actual Asana app? Come on guys, we’re in 2020…

@Patrick_Cardin, sit tight, it’s on our list, if you haven’t yet, check out my latest update here!

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As others have expressed, I’d like to see additional functionality specifically around code or syntax formatting.
I’d also like the ability to nest formatted code within quote blocks ie:

Sample quote text

sample code with the ability to change to different color / insert a code snippet

more sample quote text

This is important for us when it comes to sharing/tracking customer feedback especially around bugs and feature requests.

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What I especially miss are the blockquotes (with > some-text-to-be-quoted and code blocks (with triple-backticks, ideally in the gitlab way of allowing settings the language for syntax highlighting)

See and

As others have said it looks like what was added was Markdown-like shortcuts to convert to the existing Asana RTF ( I understand it’s a backwards-compatibility headache to allow just storing Markdown instead and rendering that, I don’t begrudge you having to solve that.

I am trying to continue my ordered list after a line break, but (Number) won’t work for any number other than 1. The documentation states any other number (other than 1) can be used, have I misunderstood?

That is all good and nice but will you also support inline images? Currently there is no way to include inline images in Asana and that is a very basic feature that virtually any other tool like this does support.

This underwhelming of this announcement is so vigorously deflating.

This is not markdown support. You might as well just be saying “we’re adding some new rich text editor features.”

links, images, code blocks?

It seemed in the previous feature request that nobody was listening, this thread confirms it.