Which tasks for the adoption alliance / Asana Heroes in your companies?

Hello dear Asana community,

Has anyone some experience and feedback with the establishment of the adoption alliance / Asana heroes within an organization, according to the change management guide suggested by Asana?

Which tasks for instance do you give to the **Convention-setter, the Awareness-builder, and the Success-celebrator?

For the convention setter, it is a bit clearer, but it is more difficult for me to imagine the two other roles’ tasks… so any feedback would be awesome :slight_smile:

Hi @Gilles, thanks for reaching out!

Great question! According to this article in our Guide, we have the following definition for each role:

  1. Convention-setter —Establishes basic rules about how you’ll use Asana and answers questions teammates have along the way.

I’d say this person should constructively re-direct teammates when they forget about established conventions.

  1. Awareness-builder —Communicates the “Why Asana” goal statement and helps the team feel bought in.

This person can be in charge of sharing our “getting started” resources** to help teammates learn the basics.

  1. Success-celebrator —Recognizes and celebrates wins throughout the process to keep the team motivated. This person can create a monthly

Lastly, I’d say this person can create incentives or celebration systems for learning and using Asana. It’s important to set up a safe space where people can play with features.

I hope this helps and I’m curious to read what others can share here! :raised_hands:

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Thank you @Emily, that’s a great first insight. I am also looking forward to hear the feedback of others!