Great Onboarding Videos?

Hello! Our organization’s Adoption Alliance has been slowly integrating Asana into our everyday workflows for the last few months, and we are ready to do a more formal “kickoff” for the organization as a whole. We have 30 minutes allotted at our next all-staff meeting to get everyone excited about formally adopting Asana across all teams, and I am hoping to show a quick video at the beginning of our presentation to give folks an overview of what Asana is and what it does. Does Asana have any pre-fab videos like this that anyone would recommend? Thanks in advance! :blush:

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Would that help Vidéos • Asana ?


Thanks, @Bastien_Siebman! These are great videos.

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are these available in english?

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Hi @Karen_G, if you delete “/fr” from the url it should take you to the English page.

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Adoption Alliance sounds like a great alliance! Would love to hear more about what that is & how it works!

Hi @AshleyWright! The idea of an “Adoption Alliance” is something I learned from a recent training with Asana in Washington, DC. Here is what they say about the Adoption Alliance:

:arrow_right: It’s essential that you bring together an Asana Adoption Alliance to shepherd usage of the tool within your team. When deciding who should be in your Asana Adoption Alliance, you should consider the following:

Diversity is key. The best alliances are comprised of employees of various levels who will be interfacing with Asana in various ways. Having this cross-section of perspectives from day 1 is integral in your success.

Consistency rules. Becoming a member of the alliance will come with responsibility. Find team members who can set aside time throughout the adoption process to be present at important meetings, think critically about setting conventions, and help with awareness and celebration efforts.

No two personalities should be the same. All extroverts or all introverts in this group? It’s easy to think that one personality type may be the best to get your Asana usage off the ground. In reality, a mixture of personality types and people who can communicate in different styles and formats will allow your efforts to be influential on multiple levels.

Your task is to nominate and get buy-in from the people who will comprise the Asana Adoption Alliance for your team. There are 3 roles:

The Convention Setter

Responsible for making a final call on any conventions questions and helping to set the standards by which Asana usage will continue within your organization. Think custom fields, project naming, etc.

The Awareness Builder

Responsible for making the team understand why Asana and why now. This person should be able to articulate the value proposition of Asana to a variety of people.

The Success Celebrator

Responsible for recognizing and celebrating small wins throughout the process which will keep the team moving towards the ultimate goal.

After about six months of a slow introduction to specific teams, our Alliance is ready to kick off an organization-wide adoption plan next week! So far this model has worked well for us.


Sorry about that :grimacing: #french