Where is the Admin Console?

Hi, on a Premium account in Nov. 2020 - I’ve not been able to find the Admin Console ~ with a lot of research. I need to add an admin Or, if I cannot add, I’d like to move admin to a person. Please assist. I cannot see a clear path to this. Thanks.

Hello @Melissa_Polidori.
Here is a link to the Asana Guide on how to access your Admin Console: https://asana.com/guide/help/premium/admin-console#gl-access-console

In short. At the top right, there should be an option under your profile picture

Hope this helps.

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Thank you Paul, that is what I am not seeing ~
but hope to understand why I do not have that as I set up the account. Perhaps Premium accounts do not allow to view Admin status?
I will reach out to Sales and try there. image shown.
Have a great weekend! PremiumAccount-AdminC-missing|690x159

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Hey @Melissa_Polidori,

Looks like there is only one team in your Organisation upgraded to premium, which explains why you’re not seeing the Admin console. You can access your premium team billing details here, and if you’d like to learn more about Premium team vs Premium Org, have a look at https://asana.com/guide/help/premium/billing#gl-team-vs-org :slight_smile:

Thank you both!!! @ Paul_Grobler and @Marie. Oh, I see - yes we are a very small set of approved users on Premium. I appreciate your help! Happy Friday.

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