I have lost super admin

I not find my super admin dashboard
I think my account not is super admin and I can’t use properly asana
I have premium plan

Hi @Marcello_Vocale :wave:

Super Admins are available for Premium plans, but there is a verification process to obtain that status.

Please find more information on this Help Center article : https://help.asana.com/hc/en-us/articles/14141552580635-Admin-and-super-admin-roles-in-Asana

And let me know if you have more questions :wink:

I’m sorry but really I not understand
is 3 days I search everywhere

I have Asana
and I’m a member

and I don’t have the tools to handle anything, it’s like I’m a normal user. I’m very tired and it’s not intuitive I’m about to abandon asana

If anyone can help me understand where the admin tools are

for example
I sent a member
That member can create new projects in my workspace
and I can neither erase them nor prevent him from creating them!

Can you access your “Admin console” when clicking in the menu on the top right ?

If not, that means you are not an admin of that environment.


ops sorry yes I have admin console sorry, but I think I not have all permission for edit everything

I’m justa member

Screenshot 2023-10-12 105523

Sorry for all reply

The problem is this, maybe i’m an admin
but I not understand why a member with limited access can create new project

and why if i’m admin I can’t remove or limited this new project?

I feel very limited in my functionality

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