Project Admin Left - No noone has access?

So this has 100% been asked before and I am 100% access probably in the wrong place…

The Project owner has left the business, but there are a number of projects where noone else has edit access (only comment) and we want to remove or alter them.

I cannot for the life of me find the support link to the correct option, keep going round in circles.
Please help.

thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Becky_Manson here is the link to get in touch with the support team:

Go down to the bottom of the page and select: Let’s Talk.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the link - but which is the correct option?

Don’t choose any option, scroll to the bottom of the page and select ‘let’s talk’
You will be promoted to fill a form.

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I can see this issue as becoming a real problem. Is there a way that Super Admins can have access and be able to delete or archive/unarchive projects created by their team members?

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We were impacted with this change as well, is it possible to disable the Project Admin or Asana can roll it back? I’ve already sent an email. This topic is critical.


Super Admin should overrule Project Admin. This is a very inconvenient setting implementation.

Hi all, is this not the case, as @Emily_Roman mentioned here:

If there aren’t any project admins on a project, there’s an in-product flow that lets any editor become the first project admin. That new admin can designate other users as admins as well.

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