Admin console disappeared

I am the admin for my organization but recently when I am in Asana the link to the admin console is no longer there. I need to get in to manage our members list but cannot access it.

Hi @Eric_Howard2 , welcome to the forum :wave:

Sorry to hear you have trouble with this, which sounds strange. I assume you are in the correct Asana instance (in case you belong to other organisations or workspaces), make sure you have selected your organisation from the drop down from your avatar in the top right corner.

The other reasonable explanation could be that you have been removed as an admin. Are there other admins that could have possibly removed you?

Alternatively, try clearing your browser’s cache, open Asana in an incognito window or try a different browser (not the desktop app).

If it still persists, best to try Asana Support

Thanks for your response. I did make sure I am in the correct instance and it is very unlikely that someone would have removed me from the admin role. I manage our account and I believe there is only one other admin. I did just submit a ticket with support, thanks again for your help.

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