Removed users some of them appear in Removed Tab and some disappear totally


When i log to the console page and remove some users , I find some of these users in the removed category which is normal case so when I want to restore them again just go on their name and select the 3 dots and ask for restore.

The strange thing is that some users are totally disappeared after removing them , so when search for their name to enable them to join again I couldn’t find their names and they have to receive a new invitation through their e-mail.

Is this is normal or I’m doing something wrong ?


Hello @Hany_Abdulazeem_Elsa

I am not sure why this might be the case. I checked my own admin console and I am able to see those removed who were both within the domain and guests.

In the asana guide, it says that if restoring someone fails, a task will be created to the admin to contact support team. So my suggestion would be to contact Asana Support team.

Here is the link to the user guide which covers the admin console.

And here is the link for the support team:


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