I cannot access my Admin Console

I am the new owner of an Organisation and have paid for Premium. The Organisation and my email address are all on the same domain. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not simply tell me to click on my profile pic because the Admin Console does not feature in the menu on my account- this is the problem, not the solution. I don’t know why not, but it has never been there even after I upgraded to Premium. I spent an hour in live chat and they couldn’t sort it out for me, at one point telling me they couldn’t find my domain, which was pretty irritating when they’d debited me £200 an hour earlier and sent me email confirmation to that very domain. Please can anyone help?

When you click on the picture in the top right the first section gives access to all the workspaces to which you are provisioned.

I would make the following recommendation:

  1. make sure your new organization is listed there at the top.
  2. make sure that it has a checkmark next to it.

If it’s listed without a checkmark then selecting that organization will take you to the workspace where you can select your admin consul by clicking on your picture.

If its listed and has a checkmark (and admin console isn’t in that drop down) or if it’s not listed put in a support ticket.

Sorry if I can’t be of more help!

Hi @Tanya_Bentley, thanks for reaching out.

I’d suggest reaching out to our Support team so that they can take a look at your account further, as they have access to additional tools that we don’t have here on the Community team.

To be sure they can locate your domain, you can give them the URL link to a task. They’ll be able to use this to look up your account in their system.

I hope this helps!

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