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Hello everyone,

We have been facing issues regarding Admin console access. We know where to find the admin console but the problem is that it doesn’t show in the drop-down menu. Now, we have a business account and recently switched from workplace to Organization plan. Do we need to upgrade all our teams to premium to access the admin console? We only have one upgraded team out of three teams.

Also, can you please let me know how much cost upgrading two teams to premium will incur? We have only three members with domain e-mails (does it mean we have three organization members, hence three paid seats? Please correct me if I am wrong, users without domain e-mails remain guest users, and don’t take up paid seats, right?

I know, a lot of questions but I will be grateful if you can help us get over this nuisance.

Hi there @Uraiba_Khatri ,

Our company has been dealing with this same issue, and it has been extremely confusing and pretty frustrating. (I agree it is rather a pain not to have the admin console.)

When a premium or business workspace changes to an Organization, what actually happens is that your workspace becomes a PAID TEAM in a FREE ORGANIZATION. This means that any other teams in that free organization will only have the features that are available with a standard free plan. (And yes, for some strange reason I still don’t understand, the admin console goes away.)

The way to remedy this is for the billing owner to request Asana support to move the paid plan over the whole organization. (This is something only support can do.) When that happens, all teams will be equal, sharing all upgraded features, and you will get the admin console back. This change should in itself upgrade all the teams.
Note: You must first make sure the billing owner has added his/her domain email to their current Asana billing account, since they are the only one who can request the change.
(This is where we’ve had trouble. Since our billing owner never added his domain email, we are currently a little stuck in that we can’t move over the paid plan yet, and he is essentially a guest himself. :woman_facepalming:t2: I’m trying to work it out.)

As far as seats go, (from what we have experienced) you are correct, your 3 people with the domain emails will be full members and use paid seats. Any other email users will become guests automatically. The good news is that AS LONG AS the paid plan applies to the whole organization, even if your 3 domain users are members of multiple teams they are only billed once per person.
(Whereas if there are multiple paid teams in a free organization, each team basically has its own plan so you would be billed multiple times for each person, for each occurrence.)

Anyway, long explanation but hope this is somewhat useful and doesn’t add confusion (We are still navigating this change ourselves and learning as we go.)

Hope you are able to get things back in order soon. :+1:t3:


Thank you so much @Mikayla_Santiago for such detailed information. We have so many things on hold because we are unable to use the admin console feature. As soon as we upgraded to Organization, we lost it. What’s more frustrating is that we chose the “Entire Organization” plan and yet the teams were not upgraded. Doesn’t “Entire Organization” mean all teams included?

Right now we are down to one paid team only and still no access to the admin console. We don’t know what else to do now, I am a little lost as I tried several options and I am trying to find a way out of the conundrum.

Also, the billing owner has added her domain e-mail and selected the entire organization plan. Do we need to contact the sales or support team to upgrade to the Organization level? Will it add to the monthly cost? Right now, we are paying for 5 seats.

Please let me know if the Upgrade to PAID ORGANIZATION will cost more money so we can make a decision accordingly.

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Hi @Uraiba_Khatri, thanks for reaching out, and sorry for any confusion here! Unfortunately, I don’t have access to your account or plan information, so I’m not able to move your plan or confirm how many members will be included in your Organization plan.

I recommend you t contact our support team, and they will confirm if there will be any update in your plan if you decide to move your plan to the Organization level: How to contact our Support Team ✉

In regard to the access to the Admin Console, if you have a team plan the Admin Console won’t be accessible. However, the Billing Owner of your paid team can manage the team and plan following these steps: Upgrade & billing options | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

I hope this helps! Let me know if I can help you with any other questions!

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