Where can i find Deleted Objects since the new UI release?

Previous to the new UI release, there was a quick way to find deleted objects including projects. Where can I find the same view using the new UI?

We have a deleted project that we want to undelete, what’s the steps to achieve it using the new UI?

Hello @JFrentz,

you can do this via Advanced Search

Now for deleted projects whenever a project is deleted you usually receive an email with a link to restore it. Otherwise you can reach out to support@asana.com to help with restoring a deleted project.

Somebody has shared a tool here and here that might be helpful too.

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Thank you @Andrea_Mayer. :+1:

To me, the answer is “You can’t recover projects in the Asana App UI.”. They removed the feature that has been there for 6+ years, adding additional manual work for the customer(us) and their support team, increasing the recovery time. Bad solution.

The optional solution of backups doesn’t provide the option to recover, just recreate an object, which makes a big difference as all timestamps and user history is lost or not stored in the default Asana data object structure.

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You can find it in this thread I posted a few weeks ago:


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