When timer is turned on, typing in description will jump to timer

I am currently tracking the time it takes to complete a task so my timer is running and while I work on creating a new task or editing the description it stops my typing and highlights the timer button. It’s getting annoying because I’ll type 3 letters or hit the space bar and instantly get tossed to the top of the task and see the timer button highlighted. Sometimes the timer completely stops and then I am able to type without being disturbed, but I really need the timer to work whilst I type.

I am using Google Chrome Version 123.06312.86

The version of Asana I’m using is Business


I am experiencing this bug as well in both the desktop and web app. As above, any typing in the description field while the active timer is running will cause the screen to jump back to the timer and highlight it after only a few inputs.

I am running the same version of Google Chrome (Version 123.0.6312.86).

The Version of Asana I’m using is Enterprise

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Hi @Nvtali, welcome to the Asana Forum! I see we have received some reports internally as well so I have gone ahead and escalated this issue to our product team. I will let you know as soon as we have an update

Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime!


Thank you for reporting this! It’s driving me nuts and I came here to report it as well.

This is happening to me as well, thought I was doing something wrong! I’ve stopped tracking time because it is currently unusable.

Same issue here. Both in Desktop App (Mac) and Chrome.

I’ve had to start timing in a separate empty task while working on the real task then adding the time at the end - so frustrating! :weary:

Hi everyone, our Developers have deployed a fix for this issue. Please refresh your Asana, and if the issue continues, let us know!