Sometimes Spacebar and Enter Key Stop Working


Sometimes when myself or my co-workers are editing tasks the spacebar and enter key will stop working.

Is there a certain limit to the size of text that can be entered into tasks under projects?

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Thank you in advance for your replies.


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How much did you add into the description field so far?

In Oct 2020 Emily posted this comment:

So it seems the limit was close to 65K characters.

However since then further formatting options have been launched for the description section so there might be some other limitations such as max amount if videos or images that you can add there.

@Richard_Sather might be something for your article. I‘ll do some testing tomorrow to see what the limits for the description field are.


Okay, so I tested with just text and the limit of around 65K characters seems to be still accurate.

I had 65292 characters including spaces (55736 excl spaces / 65414 bytes) and as soon as I tried to add more text an error pop-up appeared asking me to reload Asana.

FYI @Richard_Sather


That’s great @Andrea_Mayer , thanks! I’ll add it to the list next week :wink:
Have a great weekend!

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Thanks, You too!

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