When selecting an option from a multi-select custom field, allow filter reduction by typing entry name

When using the multi select custom field with a lot of entries (over 100 say) it would be useful if at the point of selection you could click on the field and start typing the name of the entry you desire and the multiselect list filters down based on the typed characters.

You can do this on the single select custom field and it would be useful if this was a feature on the multi select too.

As you can imagine, the time taken to scroll through a large list to find the correct selection could be eliminated via using the same typing style searching, the issue is worse when needing to select two options that may appear at different points in the list.

My use case is for helping filtering tasks by a particular entry from within the project rather than using the advanced search.

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Apply this to the filtering element as well in Projects please! Typing to reduce the number of selections in a large list of parameters is very helpful in single-select filtering fields, but now for those filters that are “upgraded” to multi-select, its more time consuming now to filter by scrolling through to find each selection I need.
Also would be very helpful if the filter default was “empty” since I now need to scroll through a large list, select a second parameter, THEN remove the “default” option (alphabetical first in the list) I had no intention of using in the first place. Lot of clicks to achieve what should be a very simple task to filter.

For completeness, encountering this again whilst experimenting on the same use case. Whilst the multi select list doesn’t filter down the visible entries based on what is typed. It does now seem to jump to the typed character string.