Cannot select more than one value in Custom Field filters in an Advanced Search

If i have a dropdown Custom Field with my different product types that i work, i cannot filter to search for tasks that contemplates more than one type of product.

As an example, in this dropdown i have values as “Onsite”, “Search”, “Mail” and “Wishlist”. And i would like to have a report of tasks done this week in “Onsite” and “Mail”. I add one filter to “Onsite”, and as i click again in the same Custom Field to add another value, nothing happens.

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As a workaround, @Karim_Scofield, you can run the advanced search without specifying a custom field, export the results as a CSV, then filter it in Excel for as many combinations as you like.


@Karim_Scofield I totally agree with you. While @Mark_Hudson work around is a good one it won’t work for my team. I would just LOVE Asana even more if this could happen


Yes, I would love to have this feature as well. It would make the custom reports even more powerful!


I agree with this as well. This would be a very useful feature, and it would allow us to limit how many custom fields we build/need per project. And also save us from having to create multiple reports only to consolidate them later.

I am struggling with this as well. When the custom field is a drop down type I can search by “Is”, “Is not”, “Any value” or “No value” but not “Either” or “Not either”

This is very frustrating.

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If we want to work on excel why would we go for Asana. So, work around is not suggested here. This is a basic search functionality requirement and most of the tools already have it. If you want us to use Asana more you have to add these kinds of capabilities. All of us have to create reports on similar stated work items as a group not as a different report.

Even custom fields cannot have multi select drop down which is bad. It should allow us to create fields similar to tags you have.


I totally agree, combining multiple values in one filter query is very much needed. if i prioritize my tasks by multiple parameters, i would love to be able to filter on those criteria


I am also interested in this feature. Please allow to filter by multiple custom values.

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We would love to use this feature for tracking orders coming in.
We order a lot of different products and as producer i would love to utilize reports and custom fields more to quickly see what needs to be ordered in the next week and defiantly because I’m working from home right now, i would love to see what is in the office and what is still on the way. Because a lot of co-workers can only start working if certain products arrive.

We have a custom field called orders:

Link (search where to buy)
Order (Someone has to order it)
Ordered (Someone ordered it)
In Stock (it is on location)
Print Invoice (Invoice still needs to be printed)

We have Reports of orders that need to be done
We have Reports of orders we are waiting on
But I would really like to make an advance search in which i can both see what is in stock and also needs an invoice to be printed.

We tried using tags, but I can’t link rules to that, so that is a very inefficient user case for my co-workers and I want them to focus on their work and not updating multiple custom fields on their tasks.

We also tried using subtasks, but it cluttered their task list and didn’t give me a straight-up overview of all the tasks. I have to individually click every task to see in what stage it is. And it doesn’t feel efficient to make subtasks for every order. So that won’t work for us.

The ability to add multiple stages of the same custom field in an advanced search report would seem to be the solution in our case and would greatly improve our workflow and enjoyment of asana!

Yes, thank you!! This is something our team is struggling with also! We really would like to effectively use custom fields to pull reports for combos of field items. Being able to do that would prevent us from having to redesign our project boards. Please, please add this to a future update :pray:t2:

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I have a Custom Field (drop-down) and I would like to do a search where I could choose 3 values out of 7 (and some tasks with no value set.) Is there a way to do this?

Hi @Crystal_Ratliff, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

As it stands, it’s currently not possible to search by multiple options in a drop down custom field. We already have a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread: Cannot select more than one value in Custom Field filters in an Advanced Search. We still don’t have updates about this feature but we’ll make sure to post any updates as soon as we have them.

+1 on this feature, my team needs such a feature multiple times a day.

I am only able to do “Is” search, how do we do the other ones - “is not”, “Any” or “No Value”?


In the Advanced Search dialog, if you click Add filter at the bottom and select Custom field, then you can select:

The options differ depending on the type of field (choice, text, etc.).

Hope that helps,


@lpb Thanks for pointing me to this, this was very helpful.

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