Cannot select more than one value in Custom Field filters in an Advanced Search


If i have a dropdown Custom Field with my different product types that i work, i cannot filter to search for tasks that contemplates more than one type of product.

As an example, in this dropdown i have values as “Onsite”, “Search”, “Mail” and “Wishlist”. And i would like to have a report of tasks done this week in “Onsite” and “Mail”. I add one filter to “Onsite”, and as i click again in the same Custom Field to add another value, nothing happens.


As a workaround, @Karim_Scofield, you can run the advanced search without specifying a custom field, export the results as a CSV, then filter it in Excel for as many combinations as you like.


@Karim_Scofield I totally agree with you. While @Mark_Hudson work around is a good one it won’t work for my team. I would just LOVE Asana even more if this could happen


Yes, I would love to have this feature as well. It would make the custom reports even more powerful!


I agree with this as well. This would be a very useful feature, and it would allow us to limit how many custom fields we build/need per project. And also save us from having to create multiple reports only to consolidate them later.