Multi-Select change to single select

I have done an almost 2k record CSV import.

I want to adjust a custom field form a Multi-select to a single select, so I can set that field as the ‘color’ option in calendar view.

Can this be done easily?


You won’t be able to alter the type of the custom field. If you don’t want to re-import into the correct field type, create a new single-select custom field, then in list view you could sort by your multi-select custom field, then multi-select up to 50 rows at a time and mimic the values in the new field, repeat 20 or more times. It sounds like a lot but you can be done in a few minutes. Then remove the multi-select custom field if you don’t need it.

Hope that helps,



I was afraid that would be the way, and I reverted to cleaning up my CSV and being more particular at mapping on upload.

Also - Apparently, somehow, Airtable was allowing ‘start dates’ to be later than ‘due dates’ - so I needed to go back and find/fix flip flopped dates so they would load correctly. (vs a text field)

Thank you!

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