When running Asana as a Chrome Bookmark App, it is not possible to drag tasks around

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:

When running Asana as a Chrome Bookmark App, it is not possible to drag tasks around. When t

Steps to reproduce:

  • Goto chrome://flags
  • Enable “The new bookmark app system”
  • Restart Chrome
  • Navigate to app.asana.com
  • Menu > More Tools > Create Shortcut… > Check Open as window
  • Open the newly created app (it should open in separate window)
  • Try dragging a task in a project list view
  • As soon as you start dragging you will see a green plus icon appear, and the task will freeze. The touch bar also flashes sometimes.

Browser version: 73.0.3683.86

Issue is resolved in Chrome Canary v75.0.3740.0

Hi @Vaughan_Rouesnel and thank you so much for reaching out!

I’ve gone ahead and enabled “The new bookmark app system” in my browser, but I can’t see the option to “Open as a new window”.

If the issue is resolved in Chrome Canary v75.0.3740.0, it might just be an issue on Google side; on our end, we do not officially support Chrome Canary, this is why I’m leaning toward the issue being on Google end :slight_smile:

What version is your browser. chrome://version

Are you running macos? What version?

Yes, I’m using Mac OS and chrome - both are updated to the latest version.

If this is only happening with “The new bookmark app system”, it means that the issue is directly related to it, and since this was built by Google, there are many chances the issue is linked to this chrome flag rather than Asana. The fact the issue does not persist with Chrome Canary v75.0.3740.0 also leads in this direction. But if the issue is fixed in Chrome Canary, it shouldn’t be long until it’s fixed in Chrome :slight_smile: