When Creating a New Task from a Rule, Inherit Certain Fields

I’m struggling with what to call this, so I also struggled to search it. If this exists, please let me know!

I need a task to trigger another task, so I’m using rules to create that. When the original task (let’s call it “Cooking Spaghetti”) is moved to “Complete,” a new task is created to turn that cooking spaghetti video into a podcast. I’d like that new task to automatically be called “Cooking Spaghetti.” In the rules, I’d love to be able to input the title as something like :task-title: so that each new task automatically inherits the title of the original task.

I think my issue could also be solved if the original task could automatically create a duplicate task upon being completed (but in the rules, I would change a couple fields).

I need to use tasks over sub-tasks based on how I have the rest of my projects set up.

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Hi @Liz_Kelley , welcome to the forum :wave:

This is called ‘variable substitution’ and many are hoping that this will be natively built into Asana soon. Variables in comments as actions by Rules were recently announced but unfortunately there are no variables available for rules that create a new task (which is also a recent feature in the rules’ actions list).

Until then, I would recommend Flowsana that uses variable substitution so that you can create custom rules to do some pretty cool things.

Cc @Phil_Seeman

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Thanks, @Richard_Sather!

@Liz_Kelley, as Richard said, our Flowsana integration should do the trick. I would recommend looking at the “Add Tasks” rule action; that will allow you to create the new task, and as Richard said, you can use Variable Substitution in the template that you build for that new task. For example, if you put {task.name} as the name of the template task, it will do just what you want - the new task will get the same name as the task that triggered the rule.

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Thank you!

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