What to do when an employee leaves?

Hey, I had no idea what to search for in trying to get an answer to this…

I’m the admin for our business’ account. We have Asana Premium. Since team members can make private projects and have their own task lists that aren’t project dependent, what do I do when an employee leaves their role? Let’s say it’s not an amicable parting of ways. I guess I can reset their email password and then use that to reset their asana password to get in and have access to their stuff? Is there a built in way to manage this sort of thing? Or simply be able to see their task list and private projects simply as their manager and the company admin?
Thanks for any input.


Two options that I know of.

  1. Contact support and they will be able to help.

  2. You can remove them from your organisation and Asana will create a project with all tasks assigned to them so that you can clean them up. Not sure about Private Projects etc… Option 1 might be the way to go for that


Interesting. So there is no way for an admin/the owner of the company to see what projects someone has that are private and/or non project specific tasks? Like, they could have a private project called “Give all info to competitor” and I’d have no way of seeing it?

I’m having the same situation today, I have decided to reset their password by accessing the staff’s email account, That way I can check/reassign private tasks, but it would be good to have some best practices. Especially when it comes to sensitive information.

What if the person I was working with was an external, I can remove them from the workspace I guess, but would it take care of all the tasks they are owner/member/collaborator ?

it seems a bit scary in a way.