Removing Myself (the admin) From Team

Hi - I’m leaving my workplace. I’ve originally created our Asana under my personal work email address. I also use the Personal Projects feature pretty heavily. Here are my questions:

How do I leave the group as an admin and assign the admin to a more general e-mail address.
When I leave the team as an admin, will my personal projects still appear or do I need to create a new login with my personal email information?



Hi @Nicole_Wetzell,

The admin feature is only available with the paid version of Asana. If you’re using a paid version, please make sure to re-assign the Admin role following these steps: If you’re using the free version of Asana, you don’t have anything to do since all members of a free space automatically have the same level of access.

If you’d like to continue using your Personal Project space after leaving your Organisation, just make sure that your personal email address is linked to your account, this way, you will be able to use it to log into your Personal Projects. To verify which address is linked to your account, or to add a new one, check out:

Hope this helps, but let me know if you have any follow-up quesion!

Thank you! I was able to log in with my other email address.

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