What is the replacement for private tags?


I need to be able to mark certain tasks as “mindless tasks I can do when I’m tired” or “quick tasks I can do on mobile when I’m waiting around somewhere”.

I see that private tags no longer exist, so what is the current workflow? I work on a team so it needs to be private, and I can’t change the organization of our projects/tasks/subtasks.

Workspaces are too intense of a solution for this, and it seems impossible to sync tasks between workspaces anyway.



Assuming these tasks are assigned to you, maybe the simplest thing is to designate a spot within your My Tasks for them. Perhaps within Upcoming, add a Section by hitting Enter and typing “Mindless/While Waiting:” (just typing the “:” at the end makes it a Section). (You need only do that once, then just leave it there.) Drag and drop the tasks you’re describing to this area so you can find them next time you’re free.

If you don’t like that approach, or maybe don’t want to assign yourself to those tasks, another idea would be to multi-home the tasks to a private-to-you-only Project you create one time called “Mindless/While Waiting”. More about multi-homing is found here:

What’s a little tricky is that when you look at these tasks in the shared project you’ll see your private project listed as one of the multi-homed projects; but no one else will!

Hope one of those approaches helps,



The multi-homing solution seems to be perfect! I’ll give it a spin. Thank you.