Value of Private Tags

Based on this article private tags were replaced by private projects. I think they can be useful in their own right and I think using private projects for similar purposes lacks in key areas.

My reason for wanting private tags is so that I can tag items to be used in my workflow. It would be great to hide that tagging from others for privacy and clutter reasons.

To keep my private “tagging” private I use a project that only I have access to and multi-home tasks. This has a couple drawbacks:

  1. Replaces current project if you aren’t careful. If you simply Tab-P and type out the project you are overwriting the existing project.

  2. The task now shows double in some searches. If I search for all tasks in my “NextAction” project as well as my “Support Tasks” project then any task that appears in both will show twice when I sort the results by project.

Does anyone else wish there were private tags?

EDIT TO ADD: The task showing double is actually due to the fact that it is in NextAction alone. It doesn’t have to appear in “Support Tasks”. It’s just due to it being multi-homed. Since the task is part of the search result it will appear for as many projects as it belongs to.


Yes, private tags would be perfect for marking tasks as “mindless tasks I can do when I’m tired” or “quick tasks I can do on mobile when I’m waiting around somewhere”. Workspaces are too intense of a solution for this, and it isn’t easy to move tasks between workspaces anyway.