More tools to organize owned tasks -private tags field?

We need more fields/tools to organize our own tasks for our own view. For example, I would like to assign tags to these tasks that only I care about because no other field offers multiple values (or multi-select dropdown would be good, too). I want to assign a keyword for all of the stakeholders I’m working with on that task, all other aspects and only way to do that is “tags” field which is open to everyone to see and edit. If I cannot organize my work for my own sake, that hinders how much I would want to use the tool. Also, once a field is private to me only, an icon/indicator which fields are open to all and which fields are for my eyes only in a public tasks would be vey helpful.


As a partial workaround, until/if all that functionality is added by Asana (probably not anytime soon)…

If you’re on a paid Asana plan, you can use local (not org-wide) custom fields for private data on your takes.

Make a private project with all the private custom fields you want to use on any task, then multi-home any tasks that you’d like to specify private data on to this private project. You will be able to see the custom fields and values but no one else will.


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thank you. I do have a lot of custom fields. what I am trying to say is that I would like to be able to assign multiple (searchable) keywords (like tags to) for tasks. Not everything is 1:1. I cannot tag a task as IT and EComm, I need separate columns for each. I can do text field, but that’s not ideal. I think Asana needs to focus on user’s own personal dashboard a bit because we all organize things differently individually, regardless of what the cleaned/streamlined collaborated version looks like.

If you are suggesting multiple projects for each thing, that’s also tedious because there is no good holistic view of all of the projects. So I created ONE private project as my personal dashboard and all of the tasks are there. That way each task can be assigned to a public/collaborated project as well. But I want to organize them my way for that view. They have the technology. They just need a duplicate tags field but one that can be private. They have the tags field, they have private fields. Just combine them :slight_smile:

I hope I understood what you said correctly.


Asana will be adding custom fields to My Tasks so that’s coming and addresses part of your request.

There’s a long-standing request for a multi-select custom field which was once promised, I think, then pulled back, so no word on that one, I’m afraid.

For the workaround, I was suggesting a single project (as it sounds like you’re doing) with all custom fields you might need, and likely a text field to handle the multiple-values one.

I recall there were issues with tags in the past and I suspect this request won’t really come to fruition in the way you’re requesting but that’s just speculation, hence the workaround offer. But since custom fields are coming to My Tasks at some point, that’s something to look forward to, and who knows, maybe they’ll beef up the types available, like date and multi-select to remain competitive.



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