Rule to multi-home Subtask to other projects

Trying to use the automated subtask rule and struggling because I can’t figure out if I can set those subtasks to tag to other working group’s boards? Doesn’t seem possible but am I missing it?

If it’s not possible, will it be? For our cross-functional work, we love things to automate to others’ triaging boards so they can see their workload coming in. I have done this with Flowsana, for one large initiative that repeats but would love to keep as much in 1 tool as possible.

Multi-homing (technical term for “tagging” a task to other projects) is not yet available for subtasks inside the automation.

Is it on the roadmap do we know? I know I am about to get people frustrated with me if I use the auto subtasks and they aren’t living in a project for visibility. :grimacing:

Asana doesn’t publish their roadmap so there’s no way to know.

Makes sense. Well, hope they do because this would help out a lot!