What happened to the bold colors

What happened to the bold colors? Today I logged in and all my fields and the icons for projects were in a new, much duller color scheme. I looked in settings and changed to the high contrast view, but it’s still looking dull and sad. The previous colors were bold and fun and – I realize now that I don’t have them – made me feel good when I used the tool. Now today all the colors are duller and don’t stand out as much, especially lighter colors like the yellow lightning bolts or the dot next to Inbox actually feel like they’re straining my eyes.

I know this probably seems petty and not a big deal, but I never realized how much the bright color scheme made using Asana more enjoyable for work. Our alternative at my company is Microsoft Teams products, like Planner, which are so depressing to use (not to mention much less user friendly). It’s not like I’ll switch due to a small thing like colors, but when you have to be in a tool every single day for years, every little bit of joy matters. Please, Asana, don’t lose your fun, bold look! It’s something that really sets you apart!

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There have been several massive threads on how much all users despise the new colors. Asana made a change. I hope they had a great reason for it.

I see one of those now - if there were several, then some may have been closed or merged. Happy to close this post or merge it with something else too.

I was just wanting you to know that you have hundreds or thousands of people thinking the same. No need to close or merge anything on my account…but the mods may come along and do so at some point.

This is literally the FIRST time in my computer-using life that any software provider did something with COLORS that motivated me to make a dissatisfied post. I never knew I could care about colors this much.

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Me too!