💀 What did you kill lately?

Discontinuing projects is the best way to stay productive, save time and preserve your energy. Every once in a while, go through all your projects (not Asana projects, but initiatives/side projects/businesses…) and consider killing them. Here are my latest kills

:skull: Coachana was a Templana spin-off specifically for coaching programs. Took me a couple of hours to create, nobody used it, I killed it.

:skull: Mailana was a tool to extract Asana projects as contacts in an address book to easily send tasks to them by email. I needed to migrate some other code it was based on, did not migrate Mailana.

:skull: I created a system where you could get each day an Asana task with the weather for your location, the stock price of your stocks etc. Never found anyone interested, I discontinued the project.

:skull: Three-dots was a tool to share an Asana project as a webpage with a custom design. It required heavy server usage, was often timing out or crashing, without having generated enough interest in the Asana community. I killed the project.

:skull: I have a dashboard service generating Asana dashboard you can access with a unique url. I only have one client using it, but still need to maintain the code. I reached out to the client with a deal, they wanted to stop using it anyway.

:skull:I used to have a list of all the Asana experts in the world. I required too much time to maintain, I changed my approach, only listed one expert per country and stopped the main list.

:skull:I founded the first « Asana incubator », made of a group of individuals building apps around Asana. It was fun at first. But it turns out there was not really a need for such a program. I also offered to sponsor someone, share my code with them and coach them to create Asana apps. Nobody was interested.

:skull:I also had a team of assistants working for me and for clients directly in Asana. The team went from a single assistant, to a dozen, and back to a handful. I decided it was not worth the time to maintain a team and find clients, so I decided to delegate to two trusted partners from now on.

Stopping those initiatives allowed me to focus on more promising or important projects! And it feels good to get that weigh from your shoulders!

So, what project did you kill lately?

Great post and advice @Bastien_Siebman. I had a conversation with @Emily_Roman on this topic just this morning as we were working on our plans for the year coming :wink:


You are not killing the forum are you? :grimacing: :hugs: