🏆 The Asana coolest projects Award

Hi, community,

As Asana users, we all have projects we are proud of. Whether they are fun, innovative, clean, or practical, we have all designed the best projects for our situation. For example, I am very proud of my “Content factory” project below. It saves me a ton of time, gives me a bird-eye view of my editorial calendar, the emojis and colored status make it fun to use.

I not only want to see the projects you are the proudest of, but so does Asana and the whole community! Let’s gather all those awesome projects, and award the best of them :blush::trophy:

The rules

I’m partnering up with Asana and other 3rd party app developers to offer very cool prizes including coupon codes for the Asana swag store, free Asana ebooks, free templates from Templana, Unito swag and coupons, 6 months of Flowsana free for up to 5 users, a free 30-minute screen share consultation for any Asana questions/topics with @lpb or Asana2Go custom report info…

How to enter the competition

Simply submit the following Asana Form with all your info, along with your project screenshot.

Criteria for judging

We will award some of the coolest, most innovative, ingenious or practical projects! Our judges will use Asana and the ‘Like’ feature to vote on the submissions you’ve made with the Form! #asana #alltheway

We can’t wait to discover your coolest projects!




Let the creative juices flow! Thanks, @Bastien_Siebman, for setting this up for the Community!

Looking forward to offering many :+1: but ultimately selecting one project to “Mark as Milestone”!!! :joy:


Thanks for organizing and leading this @Bastien_Siebman!
I would love to relay this amazing competition and let my network know about this, do you know if the Asana team is planning some communication on social media (especially on LinkedIn), in which case I would wait to share their promotion; or should go ahead and share the form already?


They do, I don’t know the exact form or timing though. I’ll relay here.


@Ghiona from Unito is joining the jury! :hugs: @marie can you add her in the post please?
We already received two great projects!


Great idea and excited to see the results.

In the meantime—are you manually ordering tasks by date and adding separator tasks, or is that automated in some way?

Yes, because this is really not a lot of work, and I really don’t like sorting by due date, I prefer sorting by custom field.

:+1: :heavy_check_mark:

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This looks awesome! Will winners be added to project templates, or is there a way for template creators to “sell” their templates to community members. I’d love a closer look at this content generator it’s gorgeous. I am returning to freelance writing and posting more to social media and would love a tool like this.

Excellent share Mr. Siebman

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Only the screenshots will be shared, each author will be able to share their template freely or sell them, using my tool Templana for example.

Well just zoom in on the image and you’ll have everything :slight_smile: reach out if you need more help.

@Andre_Pollklesener cool!


I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s awesome projects!


I am counting on everyone to share/like my post! https://www.linkedin.com/posts/siebmanb_the-asana-coolest-projects-award-activity-6631526692454182912-lG3d


What a nice initiative Bastien!

I’m very curious to see some of the projects that have been entered into the competition.
Will you share screenshots?

I’d love to see other people’s most badass projects!
I’m sure it will inspire.

Anne Nynke

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Yes you’ll see when we share the results!