🏆 The Asana coolest projects Award

Hi, community,

As Asana users, we all have projects we are proud of. Whether they are fun, innovative, clean, or practical, we have all designed the best projects for our situation. For example, I am very proud of my “Content factory” project below. It saves me a ton of time, gives me a bird-eye view of my editorial calendar, the emojis and colored status make it fun to use.

I not only want to see the projects you are the proudest of, but so does Asana and the whole community! Let’s gather all those awesome projects, and award the best of them :blush::trophy:

The rules

  • You have until March 31st 2020 to submit one or several projects screenshots
  • The judging panel is made of the whole Asana Together team, 8 Asana Ambassadors; 3 Forum Champions, 2 Certified Pro and 3 third-party app developers.
  • Anyone can participate (except the judging panel), whatever their Asana plan is (Free/Premium/Business/Enterprise)
  • Based on the number of participants and submissions, we’ll decide on the best categories and awards to give!

I’m partnering up with Asana and other 3rd party app developers to offer very cool prizes including coupon codes for the Asana swag store, free Asana ebooks, free templates from Templana, Unito swag and coupons, 6 months of Flowsana free for up to 5 users, a free 30-minute screen share consultation for any Asana questions/topics with @lpb or Asana2Go custom report info…

How to enter the competition

Simply submit the following Asana Form with all your info, along with your project screenshot.

Criteria for judging

We will award some of the coolest, most innovative, ingenious or practical projects! Our judges will use Asana and the ‘Like’ feature to vote on the submissions you’ve made with the Form! #asana #alltheway

We can’t wait to discover your coolest projects!



Edit April 14th: the results are in!


Let the creative juices flow! Thanks, @Bastien_Siebman, for setting this up for the Community!

Looking forward to offering many :+1: but ultimately selecting one project to “Mark as Milestone”!!! :joy:


Thanks for organizing and leading this @Bastien_Siebman!
I would love to relay this amazing competition and let my network know about this, do you know if the Asana team is planning some communication on social media (especially on LinkedIn), in which case I would wait to share their promotion; or should go ahead and share the form already?


They do, I don’t know the exact form or timing though. I’ll relay here.


@Ghiona from Unito is joining the jury! :hugs: @marie can you add her in the post please?
We already received two great projects!


Great idea and excited to see the results.

In the meantime—are you manually ordering tasks by date and adding separator tasks, or is that automated in some way?

Yes, because this is really not a lot of work, and I really don’t like sorting by due date, I prefer sorting by custom field.

:+1: :heavy_check_mark:

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This looks awesome! Will winners be added to project templates, or is there a way for template creators to “sell” their templates to community members. I’d love a closer look at this content generator it’s gorgeous. I am returning to freelance writing and posting more to social media and would love a tool like this.

Excellent share Mr. Siebman

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Only the screenshots will be shared, each author will be able to share their template freely or sell them, using my tool Templana for example.

Well just zoom in on the image and you’ll have everything :slight_smile: reach out if you need more help.

@Andre_Pollklesener cool!


I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s awesome projects!


I am counting on everyone to share/like my post! https://www.linkedin.com/posts/siebmanb_the-asana-coolest-projects-award-activity-6631526692454182912-lG3d


What a nice initiative Bastien!

I’m very curious to see some of the projects that have been entered into the competition.
Will you share screenshots?

I’d love to see other people’s most badass projects!
I’m sure it will inspire.

Anne Nynke


Yes you’ll see when we share the results!

The award is closed! The jury now has 17 awesome projects to vote for :heart_eyes: We’ll be in touch in a few days/weeks depending on how long it takes us to decide. :wave: Thank you all.


The votes have been casted, results are in! But first, a few words about the award.

The organization: the jury was made of 20 Asana “experts” around the world: Asana Together team members, Asana Certified Pros, 3rd party developers… Each user submission was made through an Asana Form that created a task in a project. Each jury member had access to a dedicated custom field containing 5 values: 1 pt, 2 pts, 3 pts, 4pts, 5pts. They were tasked with using each value once to vote on projects.

The prizes: each of the three winners will receive a special prize, mentioned below. Each participant will receive a free “Best of Templana” templates bundle and the ebook “Secrets of Successful Teams in Asana

:1st_place_medal:1st Shared and dynamic team meetings

From: Julien Renaud and its team at Comap

Bio: In fact, MY bio should be OUR bio. For 2 reasons, first you already know me as a Forum Champion, but second: because a team project doesn’t make sense without a team. All of us use Asana on a daily basis and are always looking for technical but also organisational innovation. This project is a result of that. Bertrand, Guillaume, Hervé, Yann, Antonin & Julien A french R&D team.

Description: It all started with the following observation: team meetings were less dynamic and sometimes even “boring”… so we had to change something, shake up our habits!

One year later, the new format is unanimously approved by the team.

What have we changed?

  • the duration is not fixed and never exceeds 1 hour,
  • the agenda is co-constructed upstream and is thus known to all,
  • each project manager makes a very quick point to focus on discussions and questions.

But THE biggest novelty is this: the person in charge of the meeting changes every week! And the team leader no longer leads the meeting!
So :

  • everyone feels involved and takes ownership of the meeting,
  • it brings change every time because everyone leads in their own way,
  • responsibility becomes collective because it is no longer systematically the manager who leads.

Thus, the meeting is no longer the meeting of the manager to whom we report one by one, it is a moment of exchange, collaboration,… In short, it has become a real TEAM meeting!

And Asana allows us to easily organize all this!

In table mode:

  • Project members = team members, in order to have notifications when topics are added to be discussed,
  • One column a week,
  • A task containing all the team members’ photo is duplicated each week, and is placed at the top of the column. The image to be displayed is then chosen with the drop-down menu “Choose cover image” by selecting the first name. This way, the facilitator of the meeting is chosen for the next meeting and has the role of making sure that everything goes well.
  • Once the meeting is over, we move the column to the right of the “Completed meetings” column, and so on week after week …

In this way, we have somehow hijacked the option of changing the cover image, which is often used only once, into an action that we carry out every week.

Clear, collaborative, efficient, shared!

Note from the jury member @Bastien_Siebman: this project took the contest by storm! The votes from the jury were overwhelming. A rotating facilitator for meetings is a great idea, implement it in Asana makes it even better. And use the “choose a cover image” feature for this use case is just perfect!

Prizes: a $50 Asana swag store coupon, a free year of any Unito plans, one year free of Flowsana, a 30-minute screen-shared session with Asana Certified Pro @lpb, a bundle of all Templana templates

:2nd_place_medal:2nd Weekly Ballet Class Template

From: Lucy McLachlan

Bio: A business management consultant helping creatives and sole consultants build flow out of structure.

Ballet studios are generally fairly archaic in their management and administration practices. They rely on face-to-face communication, printed rolls, cash payments and scribbled post-it notes about student updates, costumes, fees and all the rest. At best they use a clunky and expensive piece of software, that only the receptionist knows how to use.

As a remote studio manager, I wanted to bring our ballet school into the 21st century. I was already working with Asana with other clients and thought I could easily adapt it to manage enrollments and invoicing for the studio. From here, the opportunities to use Asana in other areas of the business became immediately clear. We integrated Asana with Squarespace through an excel import to seamlessly manage online enrollment. We set up a Admin Office space that contains all the resources our Faculty and staff need day-to-day. We created projects and timelines for events and deliverables.

But this is by far my favorite project, because it took a bunch of creatives who HATE admin from being admin slugs to admin queens. This project is used as the template from which our Weekly Class projects are created. Here, teachers manage the rolls for their classes. They can also plan lessons, take notes, upload music and videos, and collaborate with other teachers. All they have to do is open the app on their phone, jump into their class and tick off their roll. This project kickstarted so much creative dialogue about lesson plans, students and choreography. It is also helping us manage our response to COVID-19 and potential transition to online classes.

Note from the jury member @Bastien_Siebman: this project is also a clear winner, with overwhelming praise from the jury. Jury members loved the story behind the template and noted the clever use of Kanban view to use as a calendar!

Prizes: a $30 Asana swag store coupon, 6-month free of Flowsana, an email exchange consultation/Q&A with Asana Certified Pro @lpb, a bundle of all Templana templates

:3rd_place_medal:3rd My digital professional brain

From: Nicolas Gron

Bio: Minimalist Padawan…I’m at the very beginning of my Asana experience. Full of hope, I’m willing to rely on this “digital brain” to save precious time!

My project is so cool I just cannot do without it. Everything is made to make my life (and my job) easier.

  1. I quickly create a new task

  2. I simply add a stage (Etat) and a tag (Etiquette) to that task

–> my task automatically goes to the desired section and will move to the different stages during its lifespan until it is marked as done!

No more stress! I only pay attention to the things I need to focus on! :sunglasses:

Note from the jury member @Bastien_Siebman: the jury was very impressed with that advanced system of tasks going through stages. I personaly love the combination of emojis, colored custom fields and due dates, sorted by one custom field.

Prizes: a $15 Asana swag store coupon, an email exchange consultation/Q&A with Asana Certified Pro @lpb, a bundle of all Templana templates

We hope you all enjoyed those submissions as much as we did! In the upcoming days, I’ll share all the other submissions!


Congratulations to all the submitters for some really fascinating work, and to the winners!

Thanks, @Bastien_Siebman, for a great idea and perfect execution.

Larry Berger
(a judge and prize contributor)