Project Folders (sub-teams)

I’d like the ability to organize my projects into folders on the left pane. I have multiple projects and the organization is getting out of hand. Thank You!


I still believe an equally good method would be how Evernote handles “Stacks”.

If you drag a notebook unto another notebook it creates a Stack that you can name. No folder necessary, just a good way to have the equivalent.


I concur that this would be more than suitable assuming they are collapsible like in evernote. Just anything to visually organize the projects would be wonderful.


Would love to see folders added so I can organize the many projects in my asana team!


How about creating more teams?

for instance:

Marketing: Search
Marketing: Display
Marketing: CRM

If you use the department name of the original team, you still have an overview but you also have not to many projects per team.

What I can also recommend for smaller projects: Have them as a task, and all former tasks will be sub-tasks.
It has also the advantage, that you can multi-home this smaller project.


On that specific matter, Wrike is better, it would be great if the Asana team could get inspired by their fluid folder/share system. Please ! :grinning:


I really need this feature! I handle a lot of project (100+ and growing) and every project has a lot of tasks (100+). The tasks all have a couple of subtasks…

Since the projects move through different stages, I would love to have a folder feature introduced in Asana to sort them better!

Teams are one way to solve this but not in the long run…


Folders to organise projects would be great!


Yes!!! Or tag projects and allow for filtering by tag in the left pane. Thanks


Yes please! Considering moving off Asana to Wrike because of this!


Are you consider adding this feature at all? Please update us the status if you do. Thanks!!!


Hi @Sebastian_Paasch

I tried to create new teams to organize my projects as you mention on this post and what I realized is that I lose all the premium features when I move the project to the new team.

How do you manage this?


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I assume your organization is not fully premium but only the one team you are using is premium. Consequently if you move your projects to other team, you will lose the premium features.

Please find more info here:

If you check your team settings you will find if this is the reason

Yes, please—would love to see this feature also! Because this doesn’t exist we’ve had to start treating some tasks as projects so we don’t clutter up the sidebar. Because of this we’re unable to use the “Dashboard” feature which seems like a huge waste!


Yes having folders would be a great feature :slight_smile:

My team’s list of projects is growing, and it would be much clearer with folders.
Moreover, with one folder for a given project, we could have:

  • 1 “Asana project” for daily activities
  • 1 “Asana project” for meeting notes
  • 1 “Asana project” with big steps of the project, that we could link to Instagantt. Today as I have only one “Asana project”, meeting notes and daily activities also appear in Instagantt while I don’t need to.

And having 3 “Asana projects” for 1 real project is impossible because it would triple the length of the project’s list.

Do you have a list (visible by customers) of the features you’re developping so that we have an idea if a product feedback will lead or not to any development ?

Thank you


Yes! Folders - for sorting projects would be amazing.
Special if we want to have all our knowledge etc. in one place: ASANA
and search for it later. it easily gets cluttered at the moment…


Please, please add this feature! My project list is unmanageable and our team greatly needs some sort of organization. We are not able to use the team feature because of our .edu email domains.

Are there any workarounds to better organize projects?


I don’t know if my team can keep using Asana if we dont have this feature. We have too much going on and it negates the project Management side of things if its a total mess. Please add this feature!


I am going to join the chorus of requests here. I am a Program Manager and oversee about 30 projects at a time from three different departments. They are in various stages of completion and it would help to have folders to organize a bit more efficiently.

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we have worked around this problem by making the asana “project” the folder and making the sub task the “job” and any additional subtasks within the task become parts of the job. Confusing yes, but works great for the team. We lose the functionality of the “projects” level (conversations, calendar, progress, files)… which is lame, but until Asana addresses the concerns of this group, we have no choice!