🎥 An Asana project where ideas go die

Using Asana for business purposes is great! :partying_face:

You know that Asana can also be 100% integrated into your personal life?


  • Shopping list
  • Reminders for purchases
  • Ideas for projects

This last category is what I call “Project where ideas die.”

I love making lists where I write down lots of ideas, and I explain in this video how I manage this project!

How about you, are you adept at this type of project?


Having lots of ideas that never go anywhere? I’m a master of that type of project!

I completely agree - I’m a huge proponent of “write EVERYTHING down”.

My only problem is the “go back and clean it up periodically” part. :laughing:


How do you separate your personal asana from your business one?


I do not separate anymore. I have a project for personal tasks in my business account. And I coded an automation to add an emoji to any task in this project to recognise them in My Tasks.


An emoji is cool, I have a separate section in My Tasks for personal.

Wow! I’d like to see how it looks like and how you organize it :slightly_smiling_face:

Here it is :slight_smile:

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Haha I’m glad I’m not the only one who has the…problem?..let’s say opportunity of LOVING to put all of my ideas in Asana.

I have a project called “Parking Lot” where all of those ideas go. Sometimes larger projects even have a section called parking lot. It helps me to know I haven’t lost those thoughts but they aren’t cluttering up my urgent and important areas of work.

I used to get sad or feel guilty when many many of them didn’t happen. But now that I’ve been using Asana for years I’m thankful that I can go back to see them. If I did any work on them, I can pick up right where I left of. If it gets delegated, I can hand the work off again.

If it ends up getting archived or deleted and never finished, I like to do like Marie Kondo and thank it for being there. I am glad I had the idea and that I took the time to save it, even if I couldn’t execute it.


I am a long time GTD (David Allen) fan and have used the concept of “Someday/Maybe”

I like this idea of an entire project of ideas where ideas can be put in a “Do not Do” section.

Covey wrote: “Execution is the discipline of getting things done. It requires the ability to think through a task from beginning to end, and to make a plan to complete it.”

With the limited time, focus, and energy we each have, having a certificate of death on an idea would be a good thing to allow us to focus on our unique abilities and to “contribute [our] verse” (Walt Whitman)

When an idea is not thought through, I use the phrase “RnD” to indicate that the next step is the figure this thing out. I’ll use this to move the task to my “Ideas” project and during my weekly review, do a prioritization on the new ideas.