Webhooks in Integromat - Watch Webhook Events, Asana Task Changed

Hi, I am hoping there are a few integromat users out there that can help me with a simple Webhook request. I am trying to create a scenario that creates a new task when another task is marked complete.

  1. Watch Webhook Events (see screenshot below)
  2. Get Task
  3. Router based on Filter
  4. Create a Task

Can anyone advise what I am doing wrong? The webhook is pulling no events even though I have marked complete a task in the required project.

Hi @Emma_White, thanks for this post!

One of our Forum Leaders, @Bastien_Siebman, put together this post that you might find useful:

I’m wondering if you can offer any additional advice here @Bastien_Siebman? :slight_smile:

Hi @Rebecca_McGrath, I have re-run the scenario this morning and it seems to be working with the filters I have included in my screenshot so not 100% what was going on.

@Bastien_Siebman, I do have another Integromat question and I am wondering if you can provide any advice. When using Zapier I would have a lookup table to select a custom field option based on the corresponding custom field GID in the lookup table. Is there a similar function in Integromat?

I have no idea :sweat_smile: @abass is my automation go to guy, maybe he’ll be able to help!

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All good, I have played around a little bit and done some research and have used the Data Stores option. Seems to be working well for now :slight_smile:

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thanks for the awesome information.

Hi @Emma_White, it seems like the first webhook module wasn’t saved (the star sign). Otherwise, I don’t see any problems.

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Hi @honzapav, are you familiar with other Asana webhook filters for example, would the below webhook work for tasks in a project that change sections?

Action: changed
Fields: section
Resource Type: task

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@Emma_White this will not work. But there is a way:

Action: added
Resource: story
Resource Subtype: section_changed

This should work.


thanks for the awesome information.

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Hi all,

Thanks for all the generous sharing and guidance on this forum, as usual.

I’m trying to do something similar to the initial post in Integromat (now Make): if a task is updated, then other things. I could monitor the change through:

  • The task being moved to the section ‘Onboarding’
  • The task having its custom field ‘status’ updated to the value ‘Onboarding’

I want to set up a webhook (which I gather from the above is the way to monitor when tasks are updated?), but I’m blocked rather early in the process:

What’s the resource I’m looking for? If I look for a task, Make wants a fixed task ID, not what I want. Should this be project, and the project within which this happens? Or the section I’m monitoring for new tasks? Or a new story with subtype section_changed as suggested by @honzapav – but Make also wants a fixed task ID…

Thanks for your help!
A Zapier-to-Integromat n00b


@Michaela_S should be able to help you out here.

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You’re looking for a project resource. It is the project where the task is located. Please let me know if this helps.

Hello everyone,

I have the same question :Webhooks in Make(ex Integromat) - Watch Webhook Events.

And it works !!!

But you have to be patient, maybe 10 seconds or more to fire. This is why I thought it was not working.

Thank you again at the community, specially to @honzapav !

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Grand, thank you so much @honzapav and all here.

(NB: This setup retrieves the story itself, not the task. To get the task, then use the retrieved story’s Parent ID parameter.)

Okay, a bit more to discuss here if you have the patience:

(Background: In the Asana project that tracks our client projects, when one is accepted and gets to the onboarding stage, I want to automate the creation of a dedicated Asana project, a Dropbox folder, a Google Drive folder, a Gmail label, etc. These must include the project’s ID number.)

I now determined my Make/Integromat scenario must only run once the custom field Project ID is filled in. Otherwise, it’ll run the actions above without the ID included.

So based on what you wrote @honzapav, I looked at stories to indicate when a custom field is changed. I found the subtype text_custom_field_changed. (For anyone looking for all possible subtypes for a story, here seems to be the exhaustive list (didn’t find it in the API documentation?):

But thanks to @Phil_Seeman here:

… I also learned that stories aren’t a reliable way to track updates.

So, is there another way to track changes to a custom field than through stories?

Thanks all!

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I think I found the solution: webhook + filter.

Webhook: watch resource Project, look for action Changed on resource type task.

Link this webhook action to the next action in the Make scenario (in my case, Get task to retrieve the task’s full details).

On the link between the two nodes, set up a filter. In my case, I want to only let through tasks whose change was one custom field changed to one specific value:

Filter: Condition is [gid of the custom field] equal to [gid of the value I’m looking for]

Screenshot 2022-06-26 at 09.04.52

This works perfectly: it doesn’t rely on stories, activates on any task change in the project, and lets through only those tasks with the change sought. :slight_smile:

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Nice going, @Bruno_Selun and especially thanks for sharing this! To quote my fellow forum leader @Bastien_Siebman: “There is a special place in heaven reserved for those who come back to share their solutions”.