Webhooks in Make(ex Integromat) - Watch Webhook Events

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I want to make a scenario in Make, which detects when a task has changed section. To do this, I use “Watch Webhook Events”. What I don’t understand is how to fire this webhook in Asana afterwards.
I’m not a developer (that’s why I use Make), and I must be missing something simple maybe, but after 2 hours of searching on the net, I couldn’t find any usercase :frowning:

I’d be happy to have an idea to unblock me :slight_smile:

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Hi @Guillaume_Soto,

Can you describe what your ultimate goal is? What are you trying to accomplish in a business sense?

Thanks Phil for your question.

I want to synchronize Airtable and Asana, to manage invoices. Asana is used to validate the invoice and Airtable to store it.

Phase 1: The customer submits an invoice through an Airtable form. This triggers a Make automation, and creates an Asana task assigned to the accountant (and many other people)

Phase 2: (after many discussions) the invoice is validated, so the accountant moves the task to the “Validated invoices” section.
At this point I would like a Make automation that allows me to update the invoice in Airtable.

I can do this, by making regular requests to Make, which checks if there is a new task in the section in “Validated invoices” . But 1. it costs resources and 2. it’s not immediate. I guess “Watch Webhook Events” in Make is there to solve this problem.

Make create a link to a weebhook to fire


But I have no idea how to trigger this webhook from Asana.

Hope it’s more clear now,

Thank you

Hello, please check this article: Webhooks in Integromat - Watch Webhook Events, Asana Task Changed - #11 by Bruno_Selun. You need to trigger the webhook on the project resource and filter for an added story with the value section_changed. You will find it in the article in detail.


OK, got the solution. Thanks @honzapav

But you need to wait at least 10 seconds to receive the webhook after moving the task.

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