Webhook on Task Completion

Hi there,

I hope I don’t sound like too much of an idiot, but I have a few (probably obvious) questions. I couldn’t find anything on the forum this basic so I have to assume everyone else has managed to work it out.
I’ve been trying to set up a webhook triggered on task completion in Asana (to send to Integromat). I’ve set up webhooks on other services before. With those apps there was a ‘script’ area where I could just add the webhook code, test it and it would be set up. There doesn’t seem to be that for Asana, do I need to host the webhook on a separate server or something?

Secondly, could anyone give me any pointers on how the actual webhook code would look? I only need to send the GID of the task that’s completed within 1 project. No other info is required as I’ll be searching for the task again in a later stage of the automation.

I’m pretty much a beginner and have been stumbling along with previous webhook-related stuff, but this one has me stumped. Sorry if this is something really simple.

Many thanks,
Peter B

Update: Found another way to do this in integromat, but only for task completion. Integromat added the webhook to asana for me. I’ll be looking to add additional hooks for other things in the future, so my questions still stand.

Hi Peter,

No need to apologize, any question is valid!

Asana does not have anything like that, I’m afraid - you do need to host it on a separate server (or equivalent in a cloud platform like AWS or Azure).

That’ll depend on what language you’re writing in. (Overall, though, you can likely find some examples in common languages here in this forum section.)