Webhook - Catch completed tasks in a Team

Hi All

I am using an integromat module
to watch for Asana webhooks. I am trying to catch completed task across a team. But I am getting the error
“[403] Webhooks for larger scoped resources must have at least one filter and all filters must be in our whitelist”

I have used Team as the resource,
Filters I’ve used are;
Action: Change
Filter: Completed
Resource Type: Task
Resource Subtype: Blank

Zapier seems to be able to catch these using the Zap “Completed Task in Asana” Which needs just the workspace to catch all completed tasks.

Is there something I am missing?

Hi @Robert_Tucker,

At a team or workspace level, you can’t catch task-level changes. You can only catch task-level changes at a project level.

Zapier must have written some internal code that automatically adds webhooks for all projects in a workspace and then watches all of those. Integromat would have to do the same thing; otherwise you’ll have to add webhooks for each project in the team that you’re interested in catching completed tasks on.

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Thank you Phil. That makes sense. I am in talks with integromat who are stumped as to how Zapier are doing this too. Your guess sounds like as good a guess as any. I will feature request intergromat.

Thanks for your help. again :slight_smile: Your past help is very much appreciated, so thank you.

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For anyone finding this thread. I found a workaround to catch completed tasks from a team.

Using Integromat but you could use your own solution. The Integromat setting are:

Module= Asana> Watch Webhook Event.
Module Settings:
Choose Resource= Team
Workspace= Select your Workspace
Team ID= Select your desired Team
Filter Settings:
Action= Changed
Fields= Leave Blank
Resource Type= Project
Resource Sub Type= Leave Blank

You then have a second Asana Module: ‘List Tasks’ Set the Project field to the project ID from previous module that just fired the event.

Then set a filter between your third Module (whatever you decide that is) The filter filters for ‘Completed At’= Exist,

You can add more filter conditions depending on your use case.

The strange thing is that I read on another post that tracking tasks across teams was not allowed as Asana didn’t want too many webhooks firing. But they fire from the Team resource ion every single change made to any task. Not sure why they wouldn’t allow tracking tasks as the filter.

That’s a bug that I’m told they plan to fix. Not sure exactly when, but be prepared if they do…

Thanks for the heads up Phil.

That will be a big shame. Our business is leaning into automations quite heavily. Sadly with this being a bug that will be fixed we will have to look at alternatives. Clickup has a very robust webhook system which I started exploring before finding this ‘solution’ with Asana.

We will start putting in plans for a move.

Thanks again.


Obviously totally up to you, but if you really prefer Asana, you might find the total cost (including the human cost) of switching to be more than if you paid a developer to implement a filter mechanism. Just food for thought…

We would love to stick with Asana. But the more we work with their API and webhooks the more it restricts our ability automate, certain webhooks fire multiple time, others are not possible.

I’m not sure what you mean by late a developer to create a filter. As we will need to track all complete tasks across a team, not per project. Whichnwenhave working, but as you said this is because of a fault with the Team webhook.

It is not just the human cost but also the cost of human error, that the automations will negate.

My apologies, I was confusing this discussion with another current webhook thread about filtering. :confounded:

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