We’re updating our Task pane!

Thanks for moving projects back up :clap:

I agree that keeping assignee and due date in one line was a better use of space. The other area I definitely think needs a change is the Description/Notes. I feel like it might always need an outline, and maybe consider keeping full-width. It really isn’t the same kind of field as a Custom Field so I feel it should differ visually.

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Yup! My team and I are not as easily spotting or using the Description Pane lately due to this. Would LOVE it to jump out more at us. The more a task starts to be most relevant, up to date and actionable within the comments thread, the harder all my work gets to track! Any ways to combat this tendency are appreciated! And featuring & empowering the task description pane is a big part of that - it should hold the most up to date description of the job to be done. Are there status updates we can subscribe to, when someone updates the Task Description pane, for example?

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Hi - should I be able to see my tags when I look at My Tasks? What is the best way to ensure team member scan see or search for tags?

Totally agree with Steven.

3000 love with this

VOTE +1 , I hate scroll to view desc

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