We’re updating our Task pane!

Hi everyone :wave:

We’re excited to announce that we’re updating our task pane to bring you more clarity when working on tasks! Here are some of the most notable changes:

  • The project field is now located above the task description and reunited with the Assignee, due date, tags and custom fields! :pray:
  • We’ve made the project fields look different from tags so you can distinguish them at a glance :sunglasses:.
  • Fullscreen is now more discoverable via the “…” menu (but don’t forget Tab+X will also switch you automatically to full-screen view!) :arrow_up_down:
  • We introduced a sticky header with animation to preserve the task name when you scroll down your task! :fist_right:
  • The subtasks area looks cleaner and is more clearly identifiable :eye_in_speech_bubble:
  • We’ve revamped the “…” menu and added some icons for top actions :wrench:
  • Collaborators are now collaborators! :bust_in_silhouette:

This update is currently available to 50% of our customers, so don’t worry if you’re not seeing it just yet in your account, it will be available to everyone within the next couple of days!

Looking forward to hearing your feedback, and until then have a great weekend!

Please note we’re in the process of updating our Help Guide, so if you’ve any doubts in the meantime, don’t hesitate to ask your questions in the #tipsandtricks category!


An awesome step into the right direction. Thanks a lot for hearing us :heart_eyes:


Hi @Marie

That’s great news! I love all the changes :sparkles:

I completely agree with @OSTMOST.
I appreciate that Asana heard our voices. It’s great to feel that we are heard and valued!

I’m especially happy with the projects brought back to the top of the pane.
I was such a strong supporter of the UI change - Project tabs/buttons in tasks pushed down discussion that I started my own project to display the project name on top of the task pane (Asana Navigator: Unofficial efficiency browser extension to enhance navigation for Asana tasks).
Now that feature can be happily dropped :slight_smile:


@Marie: Thanks for the update. Is it possible to produce a screenshot of the changes?

My company is one of the 50% who have not seen the change and it would be great to see prior to rollout.


Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of the changes. On the positive side, moving the projects field up is good. Everything else, not so much.

The display of the task used to be much more compact, and compactness is really important in the list view. Assignee and Due Date used to be on the one line, and now they needlessly waste vertical space. The field labels also waste horizontal space. This is particularly bad for the description field. The description field used to span close to the full width of the task pane, and now it’s squashed up on the right. We often write large amounts in the description field, and this just makes that look really bad.

I appreciate the effort being put in to improve things, and I guess I’ll live with these changes (or use Stylus to fix them). One request, though, that I think would make things better for everyone is to have the description field span the full width of the task pane. Thanks.


@lpb started a separate thread for feedback, should you merge them? :thinking:

I’ve been using these recent Task Pane updates for some weeks (I was in the beta test). While I like a few of the changes, I’m unhappy with many of them (similar to @Steven_Mascaro’s post above We’re updating our Task pane! - #6 by Steven_Mascaro). I supplied this info, and more, as beta feedback but I’m posting here in the Forum as Product Feedback to allow others to vote or otherwise express their opinions on these ideas which didn’t made it into the update. Please vote for any/all that you agree with:




Please add the ability to add headings in the description box like H1, H2, H3 etc. As well as the ability to insert anchor text links as opposed to having to paste the entire ugly url. This is very basic stuff that other PM software like wrike have and we have been waiting for it for a very long time.


I totally agree with you Larry in all points! Thanks for the detailed description of the feedback. I told them some of this pints also in the beta test. Unfortunately they did not hear.


Thanks, @OSTMOST. If you haven’t yet, please do vote up each one of them (five separate votes).


Yes! Totally agree with this. Wasting my version space, and not fully utilise the horizontal space. I understand it is good for mobile device, but we are working on a laptop!!!

Not a big fan of the new change. Project section can be more like the previous one, smaller since we rarely need to switch project.

I like the changes, especially the visible difference between TAGS and PROJECTS! As I am using TAGS very often I want to ask if it’s possible to keep the TAGS Field visible at all times? At the moment it just shows when a TAG is already assigned, so I have to TAB-T for each Taks I want to assign to a TAG…


I like the changes for the most part.

The one thing I still consistently see in our organization however, is that colleagues create a task, then create a comment to add a description or instructions. They totally miss the description box! The description box needs to be much much more visible.


Those are all excellent items Larry! Use of space especially is a critical issue as so many of us have huge project and task lists and we need to maximize usage of valuable space.

Hello everyone…please navigate to EACH ONE of Larry’s items and Upvote them (if you agree of course).

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I’ve upvoted on these - and I agree particularly with your first point. It’s an egregious waste of space at the top of the task. I can see much less of the information relevant to each task with this update, which wastes my time.

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Just a quick note to let you know this update is now available to everyone! :tada:

Thanks for all the feedback so far!


I also would love to see the tags field permanently visible! Or at least an option to hide it or not.

I would also LOVE to have an option to hide the comments section (and maybe utilize that to make the description box bigger like others are needing!) I don’t use the comments box for updates, they’re all kept in the description box, so it is a massive waste of space on my screen.


I totally agree with your feedback.

A million upvotes on this. The description needs a boxed outline or something to indicate more clearly attention should be drawn there (and not just to comments)