Way of keeping updates on recurring tasks

Hi, when using recurring tasks all updates are ‘lost’ when the task is completed and a new task is created. Is there a way/option/workflow to keep track of all previous updates on recurring tasks.
I fully understand this could/will create a long list of previous updates. As long as the most recent will be on top there’s no problem IMO.


Welcome, @Stan_van_der_Maarel,

Just to be clear, the updates are not lost; they maintained on each of the prior, completed task instances.

But if you want a single task with the audit trail stories all together in one long audit trail, you could just each time just change the due date to the future date manually and not complete the task. I often do this and include a note to myself “MOVE DATE” in the task title, though I suppose you could include a subtask of this task with a recurring date as a reminder and mark that complete (those would build up) if you preferred.


You could alternatively, set up a rule:

Trigger: after task is marked complete
Actions: mark uncomplete, set date x days from now