Visibility of all Recurring tasks

Just to add, that you will need to set those tasks to repeat in order to become recurring tasks again.
The same can be done by duplicating a task into how many recurrences you want to see in the future and set the 1st one to repeat after the last visible one, and so on…

This is the basis of the @Kaitie 's solution since 2017 and that is the best workaround IMO.

Guys, I’ve been using Asana for a while with our social media specialist. I liked it enough to move our entire Marketing Department on to Asana. We’re considering moving up to the paid version but I’m not sure I like the company’s philosophy. I’m looking at this thread that’s over 5 years old. Over a thousand people have asked for this functionality and Asana’s management obviously refuses to listen… I guess thinking they know more or not spend the time and money for the development. This basically removes Asana from being a project management platform and places them into People Management… which I do not need. I’ve work with UI/UX development and you have to listen to your customers. It’s as simple as this, place an On/Off button that the user can select to show recurring events in the future or not. I’ve already seen way too many cases of people asking for functionality and Asana telling them that they know better. This alone will probably compel me to look at other solutions before pulling the trigger to become a paying member. Also, if this is successful for our Marketing team, our entire company could standardize on Asana… or not.



In the calendar view -
If I only have a task recurring every monday, I would like to see it as a one-day block every monday.
Currently, it looks like the task is always running 7 days a week when it’s only running on mondays.
People with view only/comment access can’t see the specific “due date” in the list view so they assume the task is running 7 days a week.

Eg. In my Gmail calendar, I have recurring meetings every monday.
In my gmail calendar I only see that meeting every monday, not spanning 7 days a week.

Hi @Kamilla_Berdin - I’ve merged your post with a similar thread. Your use case has 2 things to consider:

  1. You can currently set a task to recur weekly based on the due date (people with view/comment access can see all fields, including the native Due Date field that is published in a calendar). You could set that up like this:
  2. You cannot currently see future iterations of a recurring task (that’s the core topic of this request thread). Check out the thread for some insights and suggestions from other users and make sure to use the purple Vote button at the top near the title to lend your support.

The core topic of this request thread is hundreds if not thousands of people requesting the same thing since 2017 and Asana not doing an extremely simple update in their coding to fix it. How has this not been fixed yet? It’s obviously a need for users. I can’t even imagine why a calendar would default to not showing you recurring tasks… It doesn’t make sense. That’s the whole point of using a service like this.

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I was testing this software today for our company, and stumbled upon this feature (or lack thereof) whilst adding recurring tasks. Unfortunately I would say the inability to see upcoming recurring tasks is a dealbreaker for me.

Today’s date is 6/17/2024, and it is still an issue. I’m baffled that Asana doesn’t support such a basic and necessary feature. It’s really quite a bummer.

This is baffling. I’m doing a month trial of Asana and came here trying to figure out how to get recurring tasks to show up in the calendar, which is a core feature that I need for an editorial calendar. I’m floored that this discussion has been going on since 2017 and it’s not resolved. If there’s not a way to work with this, I will not be subscribing at the end of my month trial, which is too bad as it overall seems like a really helpful tool.

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Adding my voice that the lack of recurring task visibility is causing planning issues for our team.