Visibility of all Recurring tasks

I give up waiting for Asana to do anything about this. Taking my business elsewhere.

100% need this how can it not be adressed after 6 years of people asking??

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This would be an amazing option to have. Currently creating additional tasks to show recurring events is very time consuming and can definitely lead to things slipping through the cracks. I hope this is something they consider updating soon!


This is a feature I would also like to see. For example. I want to see a visual calendar of our bi-weekly newsletter, but can’t because the duplicated task won’t show up in calendar view.

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It is amazing that this thread was created around 2018 and still people are asking for this basic functionality.


I was thinking the same!!

Why on earth has this not been done yet?!

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Do you (or anyone else) know of an alternative to Asana that offers this simple calendar feature? We initially started using Asana because Google doesn’t quite work for us, but this is an essential part of seeing what is scheduled months in advance.

ClickUp has this.


Regarding the idea of displaying all recurring tasks

In Asana, recurringu tasks is done through a rule function that creates a copy of the task at a specified interval after the task is completed. So the answer is that you don’t plan future tasks that will repeat. Due to this specification, I don’t think it is possible to display future recurring tasks in advance.

In other words, you can change a task’s due date in any way you want, even after you create the task. Therefore, if you change the original due date of the task, the future scheduled date set immediately after creation will have various effects. It doesn’t seem realistic.

This thread has been going since 2017…there still is not a solution!? We need this to keep ourselves on schedule. Please create a solution Asana!

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Really unfortunate that Asana development team hasn’t addressed this glaring deficiency. Hundreds of requests over a 7 year period. You’d think that would be enough.


We need this feature as well for planning our Social Media Themes. When planning ahead now, I need to create all tasks manually… No fun.

Wauw, 7 years of requesting this important feature and still nothing… Marie, could we get a feedback ASAP on when this is planned to be implemented??



Please implement this feature!

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Threads are updated only when there’s new information to add, and there hasn’t been any.

Also, for a fuller explanation:



Hello! Has this been rectified yet? I’m trying to set up a content calendar and we have daily/weekly recurring tasks that I need to schedule and update as the content becomes available.

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Yes, @Asana_Admin34 @Asana_JMT_Administra @Asana_Admin34 please implement this!!
Simply as a choice integration/filter view, it doesn’t have to change it for everyone.
I can appreciate a clean calendar, but it’s VERY helpful having repeating tasks/events/items etc. fully listed on a calendar for reference.

Over a thousand of votes!
I was barely an adult when this request was put in, my sister was a child, she’s in college now.

Asana, please make and show movement to a shift for this to at least be an option.
Thank you!