Visibility across all organization

Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum.
I want to build a Project Management Office in my 100+ people startup, and I want the CEO and higher executives to have visibility over all the projects in the company.
How could I do this in Asana? Is this possible in the free version at all? In case there isn’t, is there a way with the business or premium plan?

I’m thinking of being a member of every single work team and generating reports, but there has to be a better way.

And you don’t want the others to see everything?

Nope, just me and the higher executives, such as the CEO, CTO and COO.

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I would suggest making everything public, then making teams and projects private based on your requirements, and then adding CEO CTO and COO manually to them…

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Ok thanks,

I think I have a second, cleaner idea: what if I wanted to only give them visibility only through the “reporting” feature. Should I become a member of every single team as well to achieve that?

Very good idea indeed: Universal Reporting allows you to share a dashboard without having to share all the projects and teams. However, some data will be anonymised, like project names.

Hmm I think my best alternative then is to export CSV and show the reports through another app.
Is there a way of downloading all projects CSVs at once? Instead of downloading them project by project

Funny someone asked the same question this morning. You can’t unless you have Enterprise and do an org export. However you can run an advanced search for tasks in those projects, and export the search result!

Thank you very much, I’m sorry I didn’t see the other question

don’t worry! :muscle: