CEO want to get access to all project

Hi Everyone,

The CEO want to get access to all projects. How we can do that? Any ideas.

Hey there, Unito just launched a new offering, workflow, that allows managers visibility into the work of their teams. With this, you can connect boards together, and have information flow easily. Here is an example of a workflow (you can connect Asana, as well as other PM tools)

How can Unito fix the issue of someone not being added to every single project in Asana? I guess that’s was the original request is about :thinking:

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If the CEO were to have access to the masterboard, they wouldn’t need to be added to every individual board but they would still have visibility into all the projects. There could be another solution to stay native in Asana, but I’m not sure how to do that!

The admin can have access to all the teams, thus he can add the ceo in every teams and then in every project. Teams’s access can be managed from the admin console. But all this is done manually.

Unito solutions seems quite easy in comparison :heart_eyes:

Hi @Anas_Al_Afandi,

As @Julien_RENAUD mentioned, making your CEO and Admin would automatically give them access to all teams and projects, but sounds like Unito offer a great alternative too!

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Neither Asana or Unito would give access to private projects though :slight_smile:

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