Delegate access to all my tasks

Hi, I’d like to achieve secretary to have access to all tasks of his boss. So he’d be able to organise (add subtasks, write notes, reassignes, marks complete, set due date…) all tasks boss is assigned to or is collaborating on.
Where did I already searched for solution:

  • empowering, delegating per user account control: there is no such feature
  • searching in 3rd party Asana apps: closest match would be workflow automation but it doesn’t cover all scenarios
  • only way to somehow achieve is to create special group (boss+secretary as members) which is member of special Delegate project; and all tasks and projects boss is participating at (assigned/collaborating) is added to Delegate project as well. Somehow static approach, closest match as I could find.

Anyone has better approach to this issue?

Hello @Jernej_Vodopivec and welcome to the forum!!!

Please visit the Asana Guide link below and see if this accomplishes your goal. If you are granted access you should be able to perform the actions you are suggesting: My Tasks: your Asana to-do list | Product guide • Asana


I don’t think @Jerod_Hillard’s solution will work without something else too, for the reason stated in the reference page:

Being granted access to a person’s My Tasks will not have an effect on the privacy of tasks. For example, if you couldn’t see a task before being granted access, you still won’t be able to see that task after being granted access.

which is what you were getting at with your Delegate project. That’s an approach, along with Jerod’s, that could work, but it’s a pain. If you’re on the Business plan perhaps you could write enough Rules to automate adding the needed tasks into the Delegate project.

Another idea, which wouldn’t require the Delegate project or the Rules, would be to have the secretary “shadow” all of the memberships of the boss–any team/project the boss is a member of, or any task the boss is assigned or collaborator on, the secretary is also a collaborator; that would grant access, then the My Tasks membership as described in the help page would be meaningful.

Might something work there? Jerod, did I get this right?



@lpb I was assuming this would be the case (because of the tip in the Guide that you highlighted) and the delegate project would only serve the purpose of centralizing the work, which granted access to the person’s My Task would do for the secretary.

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Thank you both for help. Appreciated.
After going though all possibilities we’ll most probably decide for initial idea: delegate project. Rules can be tricky/complex in the long term for this one “simple” task: it could bring new problems.